Warmies 12-24M/1-2Y Sleeping Bag with Legs No Arms 2.5 TOG Clouds Pink

Baby Studio

Sleeptime and Playtime made safe, stylish and multifunctional.

Baby Studio "Warmies Studio Bag with arms and legs" or "sleeveless with legs" has been designed as a safe sleep alternative for the child who kicks their blankets off in the middle of the night and rolls around a gets wrapped up in the excess material of bedding.

Made from 100% outer cotton this clever designed sleeping bag keeps your child warm but also doubles as a play suit during the day.

In the sleep mode, the sock like feet have been designed to be placed over the feet for warmth or folded back like a cuff for a more cooler option.

The fabric design and sizing is designed "ovesized" so it feels bbay feels like they are snuggling into a blanket and not tight hugging clothing.

The reversible fabric (woven cotton one side and soft jersey the other) allows for a cooler option or cosy option close to skin depending on body temperature and preference.

The large chunky zip is deigned to avoid any fabric being caught allowing for easy close and open during nappy changes.

During Playtime, the Babystudio Warmies are ideal to wear during the crawling and learn to stand phases. 

With the padded knees those little knees are provided with that little extra protection. 

During the standing and walking phases the cleverly designed non slip grip on the bottom of the attached feet allows for further stability when on floor boards or tiles.

When older the Toddler will find it easier to dress and undress themselves. This is also great during toilet training both during the day and night as it is simple and easy undress. 

Our 100% Cotton Outer Warmies. We have all sleepers covered.

The all year round Warmies (for room temperatures below 16 degrees) has also been designed with cosy fabric (100% Jersey Cotton Inner) so only 100% cotton is touching their chest and skin. Baby Studio Studio Bag size suggestion (as a guide): Length of bag approx 88cm for a child up to 98cm Width of bag approx 34cm across the chest Item weight = 0.04Kg

*Sleeping temperature of the child will vary and therefore we recommend you dress your baby accordingly* Maternal Health Experts recommend sleeping bags as a safe alternative for keeping babies and toddlers warm at night. The sleeping bag and a fitted sheet should be the only items placed in the child's sleep environment Baby Studio "Studio Bags" are all designed with the 5 Star "S" Rating (Secure Sleep, Safety Tested Functionality, Stylish Designs, Sensitive on Skin, Supporting Family well being charities) Baby Studio is very proud to support the McGrath Foundation with proceeds from every bag going back to the McGrath Foundation. The McGrath Foundation raises money to place McGrath Beast Care Nurses in communities across Australia as well as increasing breast awareness in young women. Baby Studio: providing Safe Sleeping Alternatives to solve those sleeping dilemmas. WE HAVE ALL SLEEPERS COVERED.

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