2.5 Tog Sleeping Bags

Keep Your Wriggly Bub Safe and Warm in One Of Our 2.5 Tog Sleeping Bags for Sale

Are you looking for the perfect solution for keeping your baby comfortable and warm? If you are in the last stages of pregnancy – chances are you are busy decking out their cot or bedroom. If your baby is already born, perhaps you’ve discovered the struggle of babies kicking blankets off in their sleep, and you’re looking for a better way to keep them warm. 

Sleeping bags with or without sleeves have become an increasingly popular solution for keeping babies safe and snuggly throughout the seasons. Baby Studio stocks a range of high-quality sleeping bags for your bub, handily designed to suit a range of temperatures perfectly. Our 2.5 tog sleeping bags for sale are ideal for 18-20 degree days. Browse our stock today, or feel free to get in touch with us to learn more!


Why choose sleeping bags over a blanket?

There’s no denying that babies are wriggly things – they toss and turn, kick and squirm – and in all that movement a cot blanket can be kicked off and disappear down the bottom of the cot – leaving them uncovered and cold. Sleeping bags with or without sleeves are the solution to keeping your bub warm and snuggly through the night. They’ll allow your newborn or growing baby to feel swaddled while allowing them the freedom of stretching their arms.


Soft, plush sleeping bags for those cooler nights

We not only stock 2.5 sleeping bags, but have a range of cute and high-quality bags for sale, from 1 tog (for 21-23 degrees) through 3.0 tog (for 15-17 degrees), from swaddle bags with arms perfect for newborns needing that tight swaddled feel, through to bags perfect for keeping your 3 year old warm through the night. Phew!

Stock up on a range and leave the guesswork out of your baby’s slumber through the seasons. If your baby prefers being able to kick their legs about, or you want a sleep solution that your baby can also wear as they totter around the house as well, our warmies sleeping bags with legs are a best-of-both-worlds-solution. We’ve even got comfort solutions for mum, pre- and post-pregnancy, with body pillows and breastfeeding pillows.

Got questions? Feel free to call us on (03) 9584 2066. We’re always happy to chat!