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Australia’s Best Choice for Baby Sleeping Bags

Keep baby sleeping safe and sound with Baby Studio’s favourite online selection of muslin sleeping bags with and without sleeves – the perfect alternative to swaddles! We have curated a collection of soft, comfortable and safe sleepwear, designed to help babies and toddlers stay comfortable all night and let the rest of the family get some shuteye too. Whether it is keeping them warm in winter, or cool in summer, Baby Studio has something for you.

Why might baby prefer muslin sleeping bags to swaddles?

While swaddling keeps your baby or toddlers safe and warm all through the night, not all bubs like the restriction of a swaddle. Sleeping bags with sleeves keep baby safe and secure as ever, but with the added benefit of freed arms. Sleeping bags have the same benefits of swaddles, eliminating the need for comfort items, helping bub sleep longer and sounder as well as keeping baby in the best sleeping position all night. Our designs available for sale include:

Sleeveless sleeping bags: For when your little one wants a bit more room to breathe in. The sleeping bag without sleeves creates the same comfort of swaddling while letting your baby move their arms freely, and avoid overheating in hot summers.

Sleeved sleeping bags: Sleeping bags with sleeves are the perfect versatile comfort for babies in colder nights. Let your bundle of joy stay warm all over while still being able to move around.

Buy muslin sleeping bags online and save on sleepless summer and winter nights

The soothing designs of our muslin sleeping bags for sale are ideal for contemporary families. Each sleeping bag is for sale in a variety of togs, from lighter levels of warmth (1.0) for Australian summer to warmer bags for winter (up to 3.0). Buy a selection muslin sleeping bags for your newborn bundle of joy and enjoy longer and sounder sleeps for you and your babies or toddlers.

Baby Studio is an Australian family-run business supporting safe and happy sleeping for families. From your babies’ or toddlers’ first swaddles through to maternity cushions for mum, we want each member of your family to sleep sounder and longer. 

If you have any questions about our range of sleeping products available for sale for babies and toddlers, feel free to get in touch with our team. We are always excited to speak to parents and parents-to-be!

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