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The babystudio Breast Feeding Pillow with Toy Bar is designed to support you and your child during the most precious moments of their first 18 months.

The pillow has been designed with 5 ingenious features which have been cleverly thought out and researched with families. This ensures that you are purchasing a safe, suitable and functional product. 

Stage 1:  Nursing Pillow

For breastfeeding or bottle feeding- for parent or carer- this breastfeeding pillow enables a closeness you and baby will love and cherish. 

Stage 2:  Infant pillow after feeding

This is perfect for after feeding.  Baby is alert and wants to see the world.

Stage 3:  Tummy Time

This is an important developmental milestone where baby is beginning to build their back and neck muscles. Paediatricians and Health practitioners recommend short periods of tummy time to build muscle development.

Stage 4: Add toy bar for playtime

Lying baby on their back or adding to the Tummy Time position baby will love the toys hanging and watch them move.  Move the toys closer to baby to encourage bat and play.  This will entertain them as they try to reach for the toys and feel rewarded when they do.

Stage 5: Sit up time

There is so much life to see!  This is where baby is becoming aware of the surroundings. 

PLEASE NOTE: Each stage of the pillow must not be used until baby is ready.  Baby must always be accompanied by an adult when using this product and must never be unsupervised.   

Nursing pillow 

The wraparound design of our nursing pillow secures it to your body, helping you and your baby to maintain a firm and comfortable position while feeding. The flat part of the cushion helps to keep your baby from rolling away from you, while the arm and elbow rests help to alleviate shoulder stress.

There is also a convenient pocket to keep milk bottles, burp cloths, your phone and any other items within easy reach during breastfeeding.

Nursing pillows making breastfeeding more comfortable

Feeding your baby, whether by bottle or breast, helps create a special bond between you and your newborn.

Depending on how quickly your little one feeds,the process can be long and your arms can quickly grow stiff. The nursing pillow from babystudio can help alleviate this strain by providing much needed support allowing you to focus on what’s important – ensuring your baby gets the nutrients and comfort they need.

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“C’ shape pillow for ease of use and wraps around body. Removable pillow case for washing 100% cotton. Silky water proof cover inside to protect against wetness Item weight = 1.70Kg


Please note: babystudio is dedicated to ensuring parenting is an enjoyable experience. All blankets and other items within sleeping environment must be removed to avoid suffocation.

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