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The Sleepover, a padded, fitted sheet for travel/portacots cots was developed with safety in mind and is now the only safe solution in providing a convenient, comfortable and secure portable cot sleeping arrangement. The Sleepover is designed to fit completely over the base of a travel cot.

The softly padded sheet fits snug
ly ensuring a safe and comfortable bed for baby and cannot be pulled off by an infant.  Once The Sleepover is fitted onto the cot base, locate the Velcro type strip through the opening at each end of The Sleepover®, feed through the slits on the bottom of the portacot and secure underneath, as recommended by the manufacturer. This is a unique safety feature, exclusive to The Sleepover®.  Itis easy to wash, and can be used as a play mat or change mat.

Size 75cm x 110cm fits most travel cots.

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