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Is your baby a wriggler ?

Do they want their arms to break free from their wrap ?

Are they constantly waking themselves up during rest time by touching their face ?

Then the babystudio swaddlewrap is perfect to resolve these sleeping dilemmas.

The nice long strap of velcro is well positioned to wrap securely across your newborn's chest to keep their arms and hands away from from their face so their don't disturb themselves.  

Made from the most softest 100% cotton this product is perfect for babies with sensitive skin.

* Ideal for all year round with a 1.0 TOG rating.

* Fabric is light and breathable

  • soft fabric neckline
  • tight across shoulders to keep arms across chest
  • tough velcro to hold arms during "startle phase"
  • light and breathable for summer when only a nappy and light singlet underneath

SMALL: 000, suitable from 0-3 months, 3-6kgs, 55-70cm 

LARGE: 00, suitable from 3 to 9 months, 6-9kgs, 65-80cm



The swaddlewrap is made from the softest 100% cotton for your babies delicate skin, yet just enough tightness to feel safe like they are being held and touched. The fabric has also enough stretch to ensure the baby is able to stretch out allowing their legs and hips to fall into a "natural frog like" position.

  • Small size (000) is recommended (as a guide)
    • From newborn - 3 months
    • 3kg-6kg 
    • product measurement size: 55cm
    • suitable for a child up to 65cm
  • Large size (00) is recommended (as a guide)
    • 3-9 months
    • 6-9kg
    • product measurement 70cm
    • suitable for a child up to 80cm
  • fabric Contents: 100% cotton
  • available in warm grey, white, dusty pink, navy
  • item weight = 0.2kg


Maternal experts recommend swaddling for the perfect safe sleep.

Once baby starts to wriggle their arms and disturbing themselves yet still not rolling  babystudio recommends moving to the babystudio swaddlepouch.  

Please note: as soon as baby begins moving and rolling, swaddling must be stopped immediately. babystudio recommends transitioning baby into the swaddlebag for a safer nights sleep.  


* baby to be placed on back

* arms should be crossed across the midline to support brain development

* if additional warmth needs to be provided to baby alter clothing underneath

* if adding a blanket or sheet over a baby who does not move, ensure it is tucked under baby and away from face and any loose fabric is secured tightly

* ensure nothing else including teddy's or bumpers are in the crib or sleep environment which may cause suffocation

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