Newborn Gift Guide
December 20, 2022

Newborn Gift Guide

Looking for gift ideas for those new parents in your life? Why not gift more sleep

Finding the right gift for a newborn bub is hard, we get it. So take it from us! Here is the perfect list of gifts for that new parent in your life. Keep reading to see our practical guide of sleep friendly gifts that have every type of parent covered. 

From practical to stylish sleeping solutions, we've got you covered. 


01. The babystudio bedside sleeper. 

^ Click me to see our babystudio bedside sleeper or alternatively, check out little Henry in his babystudio sleeping bag all safe and sound in the babystudio bedside sleeper. 


Our bedside sleeper is no.01 for a reason. The ability to soothe bub without leaving the comfort of bed is a winner for SO many parents. The stylish, neutral nursery look means you don't have to sacrifice style for practicality. 

This cleverly designed co sleeper provides a safe separate sleeping space for newborns that attaches securely to the side of the parents’ bed, without any gaps.

The drop or roll-down sides give quick and easy access for settling and feeding throughout the night. The bedside sleeper attaches to the side of the bed ensuring a safe sleep space for baby, with the comfort of knowing night time cuddles are never too far away, allowing you and your bub to sleep next to each other safely in the first few months. 



02. Easy Swaddles. 

^ Click me to see our range of easy swaddles or check out this little cherub in her easy swaddle pouch in bamboo pink. 

Is your baby a wriggler? Say hello to our easy swaddle range. Swaddling is an age old tradition that we've made easy. With our range of wraps, pouches and all-in-one swaddle bags, your little bub can be snug as a bug all the way from newborn to when they start learning how to roll. Then we have other plans.

For those nervous parents, we recommend starting with the swaddle wrap to ensure their little arms don't break free and cause startled awakenings. From there, the pouch is our next go to with a little bit more arm wriggle room, but still plenty of leg room to allow that healthy frog sleeping position. We love our easy swaddle pouch as the two-way-zip makes those late night nappy changes SO much easier! When baby starts to roll, make sure you switch to something with arms so they can push themselves up. Our all-in-one swaddle bag has the solution. With little cuffs to still ensure no scratches, and a bag for warm little toes, our sleeping bag is perfect for your newborn to transition in. 

03. Temperature Reading Night Lights. 

^ Click me to see our range of temperature night lights. 

The perfect, small and mighty addition to any nursery, our temperature reading night lights. Combined with the perfect TOG rating, our temperature reading night lights help monitor your little ones perfect sleep temperature. Available in cloud, star or tear drop, the colour changing nature of the night lights means your nursery is coated in a soft glow light and you're able to keep track of the temperature your little one is sleeping safely in.

04. The Flat Fold Bath

the flat fold bath
^ Click me to see more on our flat fold bath

Who doesn't love a practical baby bath? The deep and ergonomic bath is perfect for day to day use that makes setting up for bath time way too easy. With a heat sensing plug and non-slip folding legs for safety, the flat fold is the ideal bath for those on the go parents. The folding design and hook makes it super easy to hide out of the way when not in use, or is perfect for travelling. 


05. Oatmeal Sleeping Bag 2.5TOG

Oatmeal Sleeping bag
^ Click me to see more on our oatmeal warmies. Or visit our store to see other colours and styles we have on range at the moment! 

Try one of our personal favourites, the reversible oatmeal sleeping bag. At 2.5TOG, it's truly a handy staple for anyone with a new youngster. You can layer it up, or dress it down so it comes in handy with all types of weather. While they're still teeny-tiny, the sleeping bag is the perfect way to ensure warm toes but allow for a frog like sleeping position. 

babystudio sleeping bags and babystudio warmies have been designed as a safe sleep alternative for the child who kicks their blankets off during sleep time.  Our range of sleeping bags and warmies help avoid our littlies being wrapped up in the excess material while keeping them snug and warm during their sleeping time.


Plus a bonus gift; Want something for mum? See our body pillow for a little bit of self care!

We're our own no.01 fans when it comes to the body pillow. Honestly, life changing for those sleepless nights while you're pregnant. 

Brooke feeding her new baby bub with the body pillow

^ Come say hello to our babystudio body pillow 

Expecting a child is an exciting time in anyone’s life, but pregnancy can come with a lot of unexpected challenges. Not only do you have to contend with morning sickness, new aches and pains and a restrictive diet, as your belly grows you may also struggle to find a comfortable position to sleep. Here's the answer, you're welcome. A 3-in-1 design this soft, supportive maternity pillow was designed by a chiropractor to comfort you both during and after pregnancy. Your newborn can use this as a little baby seat. 

It's handy for those uncomfortable sleeps during your final term or even for that binge watching session on the couch when you can't quite find that comfortable spot. You simply won't want to share it. 

Thanks for reading our gift guide. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Love always, the babystudio family. xx