Give your Baby the Best Care Come Tub Time with 100% Cotton Muslin Washcloths

At such a young age, it is imperative that a baby’s skin is treated with the utmost care possible. After bath time, be sure to only use the gentle, organic 100% cotton muslin material with your washcloths. Both formaldehyde- and azo-free, ensure you child is being treated with the best care available on the market. Available in various styles and designs, Baby Studio have a selection of muslin washcloths that will suit all children around Australia.

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Delicate muslin for gentle skin

All of our muslin washcloths are pre-washed in order to create that ultra soft feel on the material. Coupled with warm, soapy water, the tender application of this fabric will relax your child into full comfort and purity. Whether your baby simply needs delicate cleaning, or careful cleansing of eczema, baby acne, cradle cap, or anything else, you can rest assured that the washcloths on offer from Baby Studio will give them all the gentle care they need. The cloths are so comfortable to use, even adults can benefit from taking them in the shower with them.

To get your little bundle of joy ready for bedtime under a short while in the tub, always use a 100% cotton muslin washcloth from Baby Studio.

Washcloths and more available at Baby Studio

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